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Black Bears of Prince William Sound

Black Bears of Prince William Sound

Alaska is a beautiful and wild place.  It has mountains, the ocean, rivers, tidal mud flats, glaciers and those unpredictable bears.  Add the quick changing and bad weather and you have an accident waiting to happen.  Spend 60 to 90 plus days a year in the wilderness for 45 years and your chances of something out of the norm happening is high.  Add small airplanes and small boats and the odds go up.  I think about this story and some of the other ones that I’ve shared and wonder if you readers are asking if this guy is a little nuts!  Not really.  I have made mistakes and have learned from them but no matter how safe you are or how well you plan in this environment, things just happen.

So far this year in Alaska we have had two bear maulings, several hikers rescued, a kayaker die and a couple of airplane crashes that I know of.  If you live in Alaska and hunt, fish, backpack, mountain climb or any other outdoor adventure, you will have had or know of someone who has had the same type of experiences that I have written about.

Hopefully some of you will learn from my mistakes and some will laugh or cry because you have been there.

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