God saves

God Saved Me

God Saved Me

This story could have ended much differently and had a title like, “Three Strikes You’re Out.”  With my airplane accident, getting stuck in the mud and now turned up-side down in the raging ocean it could have gone either way.

AAA’s guides had crossed the bay for fourteen years in the Zodiacs with no major problems.  Even this trip, had I left 30 minutes earlier we would have been on the other side before the seas flared up and there would be no story.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  That God has a plan and I am a part of his plan.

I became a Christian or was saved when I was 9 years old.  I prayed prayers of gratitude all the time but for whatever the reason I normally didn’t pray for things or ask for help.  I guess being young, dumb and independent made me think that God had made me strong and I could do most anything myself.  But I will say when you know it is over it is almost too late to ask for help.  I was at that point and I know that when I prayed for God’s help, He rescued me.

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