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Becoming a Sheep Hunter

Becoming a Sheep Hunter

Over the years many friends and acquaintances told me that I should write a book.  My wife has always been my biggest supporter and was always telling me to write it down, keep a journal, but that didn’t happen.  The problem is, I’m a good story teller but not a good writer.  English and writing have never been strong points for me.  My oldest granddaughter Jaime Rapp, who has her Master’s Degree in 20th Century American Literature and has taught English at Cal State, volunteered to be my ghost writer.  Man, I should have taken her up on that offer.  I have written a few short stories for the Alaska Professional Hunter Association so maybe one of these days I’ll get that book written.  My grandson Jared told me after writing my blog for a few years I will have my book.  Again we will see.

This story has been laying on my desk for at least 15 years.  I occasionally worked on it and even told numerous people that I was working on a book.  This was to be my first story.  One of my decisions I had to make was whether to write about Alaska hunting in general or write a sheep hunting book.  I choose sheep hunting because sheep have always been my real passion.  Once I began guiding I wasn’t able to devote the time needed to become the sheep hunter that I wanted to be.

It’s crazy how sheep hunting can get into your blood.  It is the hardest hunt physically and because of the terrain which is beautiful, can also be the most dangerous.  I guess it’s the challenge!  It is hard for me to explain but every year when I start to see that little shade of red on the beautiful mountains and the weather starts to cool, my thoughts are always about those big rams. 

Becoming a Sheep Hunter is the first of at least six stories that will follow this next year.  Follow along as I climb after those beautiful Dall rams.